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Custom Design


1.  EXCEL 1998 28.5" X 28.5" X 28.5"

1.  AKIRA SEIKI 2017 30.0" X 62.0" X 31.0"
1.  YCM NXV1020A 2014 20.0" X 40.0" X 21.0"
1.  YCM NXV1020A 2013 20.0" X 40.0" X 21.0"
4.  YCM NXV1020A 2007 20.0" X 40.0" X 21.0"

Quality ASsurance Equipment
Deltronic Comparator System (1)
Mitutoyo CMM System 24" x  28" x 18" (1)

Mitutoyo CMM Systems Precision Inspection Machine
36" x  24" Surfce Plate (2)
24" Mitutoyo Dial Height Guage
18" Mitutoyo Dial Height Gauge
Gauge Block 0.05" -  3" (2)
Gauge Pin 0.01" - 1"
English and Metric Thread Plug Gauge Sets
Digital, Dial and Vernier Calipers up to 40"
0"-5" O.D. Micrometers
SJ-400 Surface Roughness Tester
0"-5" I.D. Boring Gauges
Support Equipment
Hyd Mech Horizontal Band Saw 10"
Hyd Mech Vertical Band Saw 10"
Burr Bench Tumblers


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Our Machining facilities  in Fremont are equipped with sophisticated CNC Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine Centers, CNC Lathes, conventional mills, lathes and other support equipment.

Maintaining your existing platform when parts are unavailable through normal distribution channels. We carry end of life, discontinued, and Obsolete parts. 



Assured MFG is an established manufacturer  of precision-made parts.  We serve many industries including but not limited to, semiconductor, electronic, medical, security and military.  We can meet all your manufacturing needs:  Prototype, production and engineering design.  We can provide such a processes as lay patterns and other finishes of the highest quality.

Our growth and success has been in our swiftness of and quality of the service we provide you, the customer.  From complete to simple machining we deliver no other but the finest products.  Our quality control program has been designed to assure the customer a complete quality product, according to blueprint and customer specifications.

The Quality Management System operating at our company ensures that customer receives products that meet their specified requirements in terms of accuracy, economy and delivery.

Exceptional Quality


Vu Ngo Production Manager:  VNgo@assuredmfg.com

Office: (510) 573-1136

At Assured MFG we specialize in CNC Machining.   From CNC Turning to CNC Milling with Four Axis we can do it all.  We machine plastic and metals of all types to exact and precise tolerances.  We have worked with the aerospace, medical, defense, and semiconductor industries with both prototypes and long lines of production.  Our CAD/CAM team uses the most up to date software to insure that you get the quality and performance you need.  With our combination of quality and efficiency you will get the parts you need in no time with the quality you deserve.

We offer support and engineering services for all your machining needs.  Our highly skilled personnel can provide you with innovative and affordable solutions for all your machining requirements.

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Assured MFG

Assured manufacturing was founded in Fremont CA with nothing more than a CNC mill and a very small building. As time passed by we saw a rapid growth in both our knowledge and business. Not because of luck, but due to an assurance for quality, precision, and commitment to our customer’s satisfaction .

We insure only the best service for our customers, from start to finish.  Your order is very important to us and we take our time to process and examine your quote.  Every order's PO, part number, revisions, quantity, due dates, and shipping information are always double checked for quality assurance.  Our sophisticated E2 Systems will store such such information for future orders and customer satisfaction.

All our employees are trained in safety and their task to insure that your get only the best quality and service for your order.  We provide them with specialized training to help them gain new knowledge on their specialty. 

Our stat-of-the-art quality assurance equipment will guarantee that your part is checked from top to bottom.  Every part we complete is always double checked to insure precise tolerances.  Every order is shipped out with an inspectors report, materials report, and certifications are always attached to assure there are no problems with your order.